The Firm's Professional Liability Practice

The Firm maintains long-standing, valued relationships with insurance companies, and is often retained to represent insureds in cases defended under Errors and Omissions and Directors and Officers Liability policies. We understand the needs and concerns of the insurers as well as professional insureds, and we work to minimize the impact of the claim on the insureds’ business. Our breadth of experience ensures that we can provide a quality defense in any case falling under these policies.The Firm has substantial experience in successfully defending professionals including lawyers, insurance brokers, real estate agents, third-party administrators, accountants, residential care homes, acupuncturists, officers and directors of corporations, medical doctors, and fiduciaries.  We have handled legal malpractice matters arising out of negligent advice rendered in business buyout agreements, estate planning, breach of franchise agreements, marital dissolution proceedings, and in connection with the statute of limitations.  We have also defended many insurance brokers in claims arising from failure to procure various types of insurance coverage, ranging from assault/battery and uninsured motorists, to advertising liability and marine coverage.  The Firm has significant trial experience in defending accountants in actions arising from audit negligence, fraud, preparation of 706 estate returns, negligent tax preparation, and claims arising out of the preparation of compiled and/or reviewed corporate financial statements.

The Firm recognizes that sometimes our clients are better served by staying out of court, and pursuing either mediation or arbitration to resolve a dispute. We regularly counsel our clients on ways to avoid litigation or to position themselves for success should litigation become necessary. The Firm’s lawyers work with their clients to determine the most effective path to reaching the client’s goals, which path may be pre-litigation negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or full scale litigation and trial.