The Firm's Energy Practice

The Firm provides an array of legal services in the energy arena, having successfully negotiated, drafted, and executed power purchase agreements with utilities for renewable energy projects; assisted in the acquisition of local, state, and federal public funding for renewable energy projects; challenged and successfully represented its clients in regulatory and enforcement actions by Federal Electricity Regulatory Commission (“FERC”), state public utility agencies, and federal, state, and local environmental agencies; formed and administered new energy companies; negotiated, drafted, and executed leases for energy projects; negotiated permits for energy companies; negotiated, drafted, and executed legal documents associated with investment in and financing of energy projects; negotiated, drafted, executed, and, when necessary, litigated a host of energy transactions including electricity and natural gas sales; and successfully negotiated with state legislative bodies and executive offices to pass helpful energy-oriented policy and legislation.


Partners of the Firm have served on the Governing Board of the California Independent System Operator (“CalISO”) and as the Governor’s Director of Policy and Director of Planning and Research during the challenging days of California’s energy crisis, as a member of the California Public Utilities Commission and as Director of the California Office of Administrative Law.  Partners have also worked for the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power in conjunction with the energy Market Redesign at the CalISO.  The Firm’s partners have served at the highest levels of public, energy, and legal policy, providing an experienced and steady opinion that has been seasoned in crisis management.


The Firm’s relationships in the energy industry, the FERC, the CalISO, the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Legislature and Administration, California local governments, the environmental community, and state and local labor unions further bolster the advocacy skills it brings to bear for its energy clients.